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A simple Process

The property sale process is very simple when selling your property to us. We will buy your property from you for cash, so you don't have to be chasing and waiting for estate agents to sell your house. 

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Contact us either by phone or complete our enquiry form. 

We guarantee to issue a provisional offer for your property within 24 hours. 

Once you agree to accept the offer, we will start the purchasing process with minimal involvement from your side. The sale is easy and we take care of all the documentation work.

Because we are not estate agents, it means that a lot of the processes associated with a traditional sale are sale processeliminated.

As soon as you contact us we will use the opportunity to have an initial discussion with you to discuss your circumstances. At this stage we will generally establish the reason for the sake and the price that you are looking to achieve for the house

We deal with many people with various circumstances to help them sell their house fast. We buy houses fast from people with some of the following circumstances:

After the initial chat, we will conduct a quick review of the property value and make an initial offer in principle, based on the valuation that we conduct. We GUARANTEE to make you an offer within 24 hours. 

Once we make the offer, it is your chance to have a look at our offer and to let us know that you want to proceed with the sale. At this stage we will also determine whether you want to remain in the house, in which case we will offer you the rent back option, or whether you would like to move on.

Once you are happy to proceed, we will instruct our solicitors to prepare for the exchange of contracts. We will work in accordance with your timescales and take care of the necessary paperwork. Once the sale is completed, you can enjoy the freedom to move on after a successful sale. 

  • Agree a final timeline with you
  • Instruct our solicitors to prepare
  • Set the contract exchange date
  • Set the completion date

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